Duxborough Designs
3D Model Technology
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Preliminary line sketch model
Model using simple rendering
Rendered model with detailing
Rendered model with driveway
Room layout
Interior view of living area
Interior view of kitchen
Exterior view of framing
Section through building
Every plan at Duxborough Designs is made using sophisticated 3D digital programming that allows us to view both the interior and exterior of the design at all times during the design process. Mouse over the list of views to see renderings.



 Model can be rotated on screen, and viewed from ground level or birds eye view

 Various trim colors or different types of siding or roofing can be viewed

 Roof lines and other changes can be easily made and viewed

 Floors can be separated so that rooms can be viewed from above

 Rooms can be viewed from inside with furniture in place

 Rooms can be viewed with lighting effects from interior lights

 Outside features such as decks and trees can be viewed from inside through windows

 Accurate exterior sun shading patterns can be viewed for any time of day and year