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Project Sketch
Exisiting House
Location: Shepherd St., Foxboro MA
Project File: This 2400 sq. ft. addition to a 90's colonial brings elegance the original house never had, and expands cramped living spaces that were the hallmark of colonials of this era. Many of these houses had expansive vaulted entranceways and large living rooms that were seldom used, and smallish kitchen and family rooms, where most living really happens. The renovation also opens the living space to the back yard and pool area. This project is under construction now.
Designer: Duxborough Designs
Bulder: Pride Construction, Foxboro MA

Renderings done by Duxborough Designs using digital 3D modeling, enhanced with "Raytrace" technology to produce stunning lifelike visuals. (Standard with all new design development)

project image
Often times custom houses are given plenty of curb appeal but the rear facade of the house is an afterthought, a mish-mash of windows scattered over blank, lifeless facades. Especially with a pool area, when the back yeard becaimes the center of outdooe activity, a rear facade makeover is in order to bring a house like this to the next level.

project image
The house as seen from the pool area. Perspectives like this really show the value of the 3D modeling technology.

project image
Rendering of kitchen re-design

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