Duxborough Designs
Doug Friesen
Doug Friesen

Career History
1977-1980: Cabinet-making apprenticeship with Colin Schleeh, Master Cabinet Maker, Edmonton, Alberta (Now an award winning artist in wood and other materials, you can visit Colin's web site at www.schleehdesign.com)

1980-1984: Housewright apprenticeship with Peter Amerongen Custom Homes, Edmonton, Alberta

1984-1985: Foreman with Ken Edwards Construction, Duxbury and Martha's Vineyard

1985-Present: Owner, Duxborough Designs, Duxbury, MA

After 18 successful years as owner of one of this areas premier design/build firms, Duxborough Designs owner, Doug Friesen, has for the last 12 years been concentrating his efforts solely on design work. This offers homeowners a unique opportunity to work with a design professional with over 25 years experience as a builder. Doug combines his creative design talents with practical knowledge of every aspect of construction. The result is an unprecedented level of integration between design and actual project construction.

"In the course of my 25 years in residential construction, I have designed and built hundreds of projects, from bathrooms and kitchens to extensive whole house renovations and new custom houses. This makes me uniquely suited for what I do: these years of experience have given me invaluable knowledge about how buildings go together and what works best. I place a big priority on transcending the traditional barrier that exists between design and construction.All of the many diverse influences that come into play during the design and construction process must somehow be integrated to achieve an exceptional result. This is what will ultimately determine the success of your project."

"Some of my larger projects have been custom houses and 'whole house' renovations in the $500,000 to $1,000,000 range. Working with these 'gee whiz' projects obviously has it's rewards and is some of the most exciting work I do. However, the most rewarding work by far involves working on average houses that are a little too ordinary. This type of project has it's satisfaction in transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Another type of project I enjoy is working with houses that already have character, such as antiques, but have major logistical problems. Opening up kitchens and living areas, linking living areas to elegant outdoor spaces and decks' creating Master suites, these are the focus of the majority of renovation projects."

"Most houses, regardless of when they were built, have yet to be brought into the modern age. Yet this must be done while retaining the charm that has made this area famous. I would like to think future generations would admire our work with the same fondness people have for the architectural treasures that have been endowed to us. This thought is always foremost in my mind."